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Episode #198: Mutually Assured Trim Brakes

In this week's episode, nukes come up an odd amount of times...nonetheless it is an entertaining show this week without question. The first half contains a lot of catching up that we have to do, from missing a week with Florida. Then, the second...

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Quick Update from Universal Orlando!

There will be no “official” show released this week as the three hosts were at Universal Orlando together. Hopefully this quick update for you guys is just as entertaining to listen to as it was to record! Make sure to look out for next...

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Episode #197: Everybody Gets a Penny Press!

On this week’s show, it’s a battle of the soundboards and Bob fights for control of the show against James and Timmy! The hosts cover this week’s news topics including a Lake Compounce update, a Disney rumor, some changes to the Universal parks...

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Episode #196: ChatGPT Joins the Show!

On this week's show, the three hosts cover the news that has occurred over the last week in the theme park industry, including all of the new additions to the Six Flags chain, lots of construction updates, and updates coming out of Winter Chill...

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James, Bob and Timmy are the hosts of Coaster Talk Podcast. Originating as friends, the show has allowed the three to continue that friendship in quite a fun and unique way. Be sure to follow the guys on their respective social media’s, and if you want to learn more about them click here.