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Episode #146: CTP After Hours

This weeks episode gets a little lewd – and we couldn't be more happy about it! Marcus from the Drunk Riders joins the guys this week. With him, his charismatic, outgoing self elates James and Bob; providing for a great episode full of news,...

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Episode #145: Safety First

Safety should always be first, however, we talk about it in our second half of the show...First we talk news, and boy oh boy is there news this week. New coaster concepts, land acquisitions, season passes and more – all with plenty of discussion...

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Episode #144: Back Again?

Todd Joseph is back again (not surprisingly), and along with talk of him, reports of Top Thrill Dragster reopening are discussed. Listen in as we dive into those and other really interesting news this week – followed by the best Haunts of the year!...

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Episode #143: Cedar Fair Back & Roar Retrack

  The news is back at it this week: among some of the stories are Cedar Fair, Conneaut Lake, and Smart Phones? Tune in a hear what crazy, important developments are taking place in the amusement industry this week. Then, in the second half,...

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James and Bob are both the hosts of coaster talk podcast. Originating as friends, the show has allowed them to continue that friendship in quite a fun and unique way. Be sure to follow the guys on their respective social media’s, and if you want to learn more about them click here.