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Episode #185: The Cheese Stands Alone

Wowza, IAAPA sure didn't provide much news, but it sure did produce a whole lotta ride vechicals! Listen in to the first half where we (back to James & Bob minus Tim this week) discuss the surprisingly lack of content from the trade show...

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Episode #184: Here Comes…Zamperla?

Completely out of left feild to most, Zamperla will be assembling/refurbishing the new Intamin (aka a relocated accelerator) at PNE Playland. While that is already odd enough, this plays into an even more curious rumor the guys will talk at large...

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Episode #183: Outside the Magic!

In this week's episode, James and Timmy torment Bob with a soundboard, so be prepared to be tormented as well with the same four sounds throughout the show! This week's news includes a brand new RMC, a brand new park, and some news coming...

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Episode #182: The Topics Derailed

James, Timmy, and Bob discuss the weekly news in the amusement park industry. This include a train derailing at Silver Dollar City, a new model from Intamin, and some news coming out of Joyland. In the second half of the show, they finish up...

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