Episode 173: In Those HoliWood Hills!

On this week’s episode, James and Timmy briefly cover this week’s news that includes some exciting locker systems from Six Flags, the announcement of the SeaWorld Orlando B&M Surf Coaster, and OF COURSE, some Disney news that Timmy cannot avoid talking about.

The reason for the haste during the first half of the show is because James and Timmy are recapping one of the consistently best weekends of the year: Holliwood Nights! And not only are just James and Timmy recapping this spectacular event, but a special guest joins the show as well! Airtime Myke, one of the biggest fans of not only Holiwood Nights, but Holiday world as a park joins the show this week.

Listen along to this week’s show to hear how much fun has ensued this past week!

Show Notes:

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