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Coaster Talk Podcast

Apr 27, 2021

Bob, James, and a group of friends traveled up to Six Flags Great Adventure this past weekend. Listen in to hear Bob, someone who hasn't been to the park since 98', talk about his experience at the park. News, the weekly poll, and alot of fun are also present on this weeks episode. 



Apr 19, 2021

James and Bob return from their week off, and of course that means tons of theme park and coaster talk! To their dismay though, there really isn't THAT much news to talk about. No matter, stick around for the second half as the guys discuss, argue, and chuckle about the past weeks Florida trip. You won't want to miss...

Apr 6, 2021

This week Bob and James talk some of the very best April Fools related to the Amusement Park industry. Some big laughs are in store as they travel throughout the years and look back at some great schemes pulled by parks and news organizations alike. While the news is on the lighter side this week, great commentary...