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Coaster Talk Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

Well it's that time of the week again, and boy oh boy is there fun in store for this one. Join the guy(s)? As they talk through the week's biggest stories, controversies, etc. with a few mintues of fun and sidetracking ;).


Feb 21, 2022

Three hosts, 3 times the fun! Join in this week to hear some truly compelling news in the first half. This includes updates from the Bull, SeaWorld, and an androgynous sea-creature/dinosaur?

If you think the first half sounds like a good time, you haven't seen anything yet. The second half is where the guys talk...

Feb 13, 2022

Bob is out this week so Timmy fills in and somehow manages over an hour long show. The news this week includes new coaster openings and announcements, looping lasers, and laser shows alike.

In the second half, Timmy and James argue over which massive franchise park is superior. Make sure to vote on this weeks...

Feb 7, 2022

We're hit with quite an interesting array of stories this week. From closures, to land buying, to absurd rumors - the news of the week will not dissapoint any. 

...The second half of the show also has some news. A news story to big to have included in the first half. SeaWorld has propsed a bid to buyout Cedar Fair and...