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Episode #195: Everything Looks Like a Surf Rider!

In this week's episode, the hosts cover this week's news, which includes some more changes to Velocicoaster's operations, some new patents from Intamin, and Bob goes on a furious rant while discussing some more Orlando Free Fall news. The second half...

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Episode #194: Dragster’s Mobile Ordered Spike

In this week's episode, things get back to normal as the hosts stay on topic (for the most part). This week's news includes some rides in Six Flags closing, a ride outside of Six Flags being closed, and a big update on Top...

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Episode #193: Off the Rails

This week's show is certainly "off the rails!" There's plenty of conversation that occurs about this week's news, which includes lots of news out of Cedar Fair, some Disney news, and a special event coming out of Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The second...

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Episode #192: The Twitter Museum is at Indiana Beach

In this week's trainwreck of an episode, Timmy is back, and some topics are very loosely discussed. Heavy emphasis on the "loosely." The hosts can't stay on topic for more than a few minutes for this episode, so the conversation derails very quickly...

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James, Bob and Timmy are the hosts of Coaster Talk Podcast. Originating as friends, the show has allowed the three to continue that friendship in quite a fun and unique way. Be sure to follow the guys on their respective social media’s, and if you want to learn more about them click here.