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Episode #203: FIAT and the Florida IDIOT

In this week's episode, the hosts cover all of the political news out of Orlando and lots of industry announcements coming from all around the country. The second half topic this week is a discussion regarding year-round operation at regional parks....

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Episode #202: Dinsey Is On Fire!

This week's news includes lots of coverage of the latest happenings in Florida, including news from both Disney World and Universal as well as some coverage of other parks such as Lagoon and Dollywood. The second half of the show includes some...

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Episode #201: Would You Like Some BBQ?

We are back to our normally scheduled program with this week's show as we start our way into the two hundreds. This week has plenty of banter and arguments as we talk about some of life's most puzzling questions like the pronunciation of "BBQ."...

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Episode #200: A Walk Down Memory Lane

It's our 200th episode! Join us as we take a stroll down our archive, listening back to our 'best' and 'worst' moments. 

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James, Bob and Timmy are the hosts of Coaster Talk Podcast. Originating as friends, the show has allowed the three to continue that friendship in quite a fun and unique way. Be sure to follow the guys on their respective social media’s, and if you want to learn more about them click here.