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Coaster Talk Podcast

Feb 23, 2020

Indiana Beach and Martin's Fantasy Island have both been closed, listen in as James and Bob speculate the reasoning and motives behind these closures. In other news, Cedar Fair's yearly earnings are great and Skyline Park is no longer going operate “Sky Dragster”. The guys discuss this as well. Finally, the round of...

Feb 17, 2020

The guys talk about Kennywood's GM leaving unexpectedly, Six Flags being sued,  their upcoming theme park trips, and give a full in depth analysis of the results from the Battle of Ages round of 64!

Feb 7, 2020

The show this week is centered around two things: East Coaster 2020 and the new tournament the guys are doing, Battle of the Ages! Through this competition the goal is to find out the greatest coaster year of all time! And the best part is, the audience decides everything!