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Coaster Talk Podcast

May 31, 2021

Aaaannnd Bob's mad again..but don't mistake this for his casual irritation with a park. Bob is furious. Tune in and listen to him and James go through quite a hefty news segment and finish of the show talking about some future park trips. 


      Conneaut Lake is a cluster (multiple links below):

May 24, 2021

The guys give a bit of crap to Cedar Point this week. After conversing about some industry news stories, Bob and James have to discuss what exactly unfolded at the Cedar Fair property last weekend, and there's really little positive that came out of it. Also discussed is where to eat at a Six Flags park [pause for...

May 17, 2021

Some very intriguing news out of different sectors of the industry starts the show this week, and with it comes and even more exciting half. With ride closures, new manufacturer concepts, and deciding which coaster events should top the bucket list, there's so much fun to be heard on this weeks show! Not to mention,...

May 10, 2021


The guys enjoy a relaxed week of news and spend a lot of time chewing over and theorizing on what little news there is. After such transpires the guys hop to the second half of the show. This is where single rider lines and pre drops are examined. We just can't wait for you to hear our explorations this week!


May 4, 2021

Can Bob and James ever agree? Correct answer: NO. You'd still think a simple recap and review of a recent park they both visited couldn't possibly turn into a heated debate, but then again, it's Bob and James. Tune in this week for some quality news discussion, interesting weekly poll, and a look back at the visit to...