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Coaster Talk Podcast

Jul 26, 2021

Three news stories to kick of this week's show leave the guys in aw. Man, 2021 is really shaping up to be a strange year for the industry. Listen in as James and Bob try their *best* to relay these strange yet riveting stories to the audience. 

While nothing quite tops the abnormal exposés from the first half of the...

Jul 19, 2021

Yet another incident at an amusement park is one of the many news stories brought up on this weeks show. The guys start of the show discussing a girl who suffered a broken ankle from Full Throttle at Magic Mountain. 2021 is seemingly cursed. 

While the news segment is full of fascinating content, the second part of the...

Jul 12, 2021

Adventureland, Charles Dinn, Big Bad Wolf, and more are all what's in store for this weeks episode...listen in as the guys commentate on amusement industry news as well as explore recent trips they made to parks - Kennywood and Six Flags America. 

Also canvassed in this episode is James's and Bob's favorite drop tower...

Jul 6, 2021

It's time...this week James and Bob finally have the SeaWorld debate! The long anticipated conflict ensues in the second half of the show. 

The guys also talk news and there's a lot of...well let's say "interesting" subject matter this week to cover, from the derailment of a popular ride to fireworks during the day it's...